Full Complete Check up

When a breeder takes a puppy to get a health certificate they have a puppy exam at that time.  
Most of the time these are some of the things that are looked at.  But this can vary by vet.

The knees are generally check to see if they are loose.  If they are not loose at this time dose not mean they will not be loose when they get older.  If they are loose that dose not mean they will be when they get older.  
This is just to see how they are matureing.

The  heart is listed to and the pulse is taken to see if they are where they should be. If they are good this dose not mean a dog dose not have a heart issue ,  it just means it is not showing up yet.  
If the have an issue the puppy or dog will generally always have it.

The coat of the puppy is check to see if they have fleas or any dryness on their skin.

The tempature is taken of th puppy to make sure they are not running a fever.

They will make sure the puppy dose not have a snotty nose.

The mouth of the puppy is checked to make sure the teething are commingling and gums are pink

The puppy will have a once look over to see if they have their testicle if a boy. Also check and see if there are any hernia's on the puppy.  Some vets may miss a inguinal hernia.

The ears of the puppy will generally be checked to make sure there are NO ear mites.


The above dose NOT tell you if you puppy is 100% healthy.  If all the above checked out good then you would say your puppy appears to be healthy. The ONLY way to tell a dog is 100% healthy is to do more then the above.

Our goal is to provide our puppy parents with the BEST babies. That is why  each of our puppies go thru a comprehensive exam  including a full blood panel before they leave our care. It is very important to me that our families receive the healthiest puppy possible.  The only way to make sure of this is to check the baby inside and out. Of course they are living breathing creatures and they can change and things can develop. But we will do everything in our power to make sure you get the BEST HEALTHIEST PUPPY.

The only thing the heath ertificate states is that the dog or puppy is free from communicable disease at this time.

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